Directions: Trim wax from both ends and cover one-half in water (vertically or horizontally). Keep in same position. Change water weekly. Roots sprout in about 2-6 weeks. When it sprouts, put in pot. The bigger the pot, the bigger the plant - from 1 to 6 feet tall. Responds best to warm temp, indirect light and plenty of water.


The Ti Plant (pronounced Tee), believed by Hawaiians to possess mystical power, was planted to bring GOOD LUCK, LONG LIFE and LASTING LOVE.

 It grows right out of the fast you can almost see it grow!  All you do is trim the wax from both ends of the Ti Log, cover one half in water and watch it grow! When it sprouts, put it in a pot. The larger the pot, the larger the plant - from 1 to 6 feet tall! Grows in sun or shade, it blossoms!